Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Olivia 5 Months

Here we are again, another month has passed and our baby girl is growing so quickly! There have been a lot of changes this month, but you still remain to be a sweet, happy, easy going baby. We all (including big bro) just love every minute we spend with you! 

We hit a challenging point this month with sleep. We no longer ever have a good, long nap and we had a rough few weeks of getting up multiple times a night. From what I read, this is a common time for sleep regressions because babies go from being in a deep sleep for naps and nights to having sleep cycles like adults. This causes babies to have a harder time going back to sleep when they wake up. It also means that you are woken easily by noises from naps. Oh how mommy misses those super long morning naps! On the bright side, I get more play time with my little lady! 

On a more positive note, you are becoming more and more playful. You continue to love to watch everyone and everything, especially your brother and other kids. Nothing makes our hearts happier than watching your little face light up when he looks at you! You are also trying to move more and try pushing up in your knees. You always roll straight to your belly when down for play time. You are also banging your hands on tables and other objects. 

Here are a few more quick updates:

  • Sleep - Like I mentioned above, sleep took a major step backward this month. You're night wakings are all over the place. As for naps, you are getting more routine about having three naps and regular times but they are all pretty short these days. 
  • Eating - You still nurse every three hours when awake. You usually have 4-5 feedings unless you wake up during the night. We haven't tried solids yet but you are starting to watch us eat more and seem to be getting more interested in food. 
  • Physical - You are grabbing more at toys and books. Everything goes to your mouth.  You love standing up or sitting upright. We've started using your jumparoo and you really like that too. 
  • Social - You're laughing more and are ticklish under your arms. We hope to hear more full on belly laughs soon! You love your brother and other kids and smile at everyone. 

Even though we are a bit more tired this month, we love you more than ever. We can't believe our little princess is almost six months already. Thanks for being so sweet and happy. Love you baby girl! 

Happy, happy girl! 

Rough day...

She loves this boy...he was reading to her! 

Little park time with daddy!

Jumping bean!

First pumpkin patch! 

She started sitting forward on her own! 

Just love this happy little munchkin! 

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